Sculpture 2 Student Work – Joe Meiser

This page displays student work from the spring of 2014 and spring of 2015.

Project 1 – Students create molds of found objects, then create multiples from their molds, and assemble these multiples into a larger sculpture.  To develop the conceptual aspects of their projects student complete a writing assignment in which they reflect on the meaning of their found objects in a literal, denotative, and associative sense, then choose to explore or resist these factors in the project’s design.

Project 2 – In this project each student makes a shrine for a phenomenon of great personal importance.  In a preliminary writing assignment students reflect on how immaterial characteristics related to the phenomenon can be physically represented in the sculpture.  The writing assignment also encourages students to determine who the audience is for their shrine, and the desired impact on the audience, and how the project can be designed to reach this aim.  Students receive extensive instruction on steel fabrication and woodworking during this project, and use these processes to build their shrines.

Project 3 – In this project students investigate a question, problem, or paradox that they find compelling.  As an auxiliary component, each student borrows a strategy from a work of art and integrate it into their own sculpture’s design.  In this shorter independent project students create their sculptures with any of the processes covered during the semester.

In the spring of 2014 I put a group of my Sculpture 2 and 3 students and the sculpture TA in touch with the Bloomsburg Children’s Museum to design and build an outdoor sculpture. At the end of the semester we worked together as a team to install the final project.


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