Digital Sculpture Student Work – Joe Meiser

This page displays student work from the spring of 2014 and spring of 2015.

Technical exercises: To learn the software, during the first few weeks of this class students design basic forms such as clocks, radios, headphones, etc.

Project 1: Vehicles for Harsh Environments – Students create a vehicle to operate in a specific harsh environment, using a preexisting vehicle as a starting point for the design.  Each student then chooses a famous person from history or popular culture, and adapts the design of their vehicle to reveal the individual’s unique preferences, aversions, and attributes.

Project 2:  Students write a thesis statement about the posthuman, and then create a digital sculpture project to explore the thesis.  To develop the conceptual aspects of their projects students conduct independent research on their thesis topics and write about what they’ve learned.

Project 3: Each student selects a question, problem, or paradox that they find compelling and create a series of digital sculptures to investigate the idea.  At the start of this project each student: completes a writing assignment to clarify the question or problem selected, conduct visual research to gather influences and enhance divergent thinking, and borrow a strategy of production from a contemporary artist. Students’ final projects are remarkably varied in approach and subject matter, making a range of connections with personal experiences, academic problems, and popular culture.


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